Lang, Railsback & Associates

Consultants in natural resource modeling, research, and management

Arcata, California, USA

Phone and fax: (707) 822-0453


Who we are:

Margaret Lang is an environmental engineer specializing in environmental fluid mechanics, fish passage through hydraulic structures, hydrology, and contaminant fate and transfer in surface and ground water. She is on the faculty of the Environmental Resources Engineering Department at Humboldt State University.

Steve Railsback is an environmental engineer and ecologist specializing in modeling ecological systems, individual-based ecological modeling, and assessment of instream flow needs for river fish and ecosystems. He is an adjunct professor in the Mathematics Department and Environmental Systems Graduate program at Humboldt State University and previously was on the research staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Our associates include talented scientists and professionals with whom we contract as needed for projects. Associates have included software developers Colin Sheppard and Steve Jackson, environmental engineer and modeler Annjanette Dodd, ecologist Tamara Grand, John Kadvany of Policy and Decision Science, and field technicians.

We also have strong working relationships and a record of successful collaboration with a variety of agency and academic research groups. We have completed Research Joint Ventures with the US Forest Service's Pacific Southwest and Rocky Mountain research stations; and collaborate with scientists from (for example) the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research UFZ (Leipzig, Germany), the University of Bergen (Norway), Argonne National Laboratory, DePaul University, and University of California-Berkeley. Margaret and Steve have each advised a number of graduate students.

What we do:

Our mission at LRA is to provide quality basic and applied environmental research with high quality, focus, and productivity. Unlike many environmental consultants, we are experienced and skilled at research: developing and testing hypotheses and technologies to answer basic questions and solve management problems. Unlike many university researchers, we can often dedicate substantial time and resources to our clients' specific needs.

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Last updated: August 2015